Ask & Chat with sellers at their local shops on products
and services you’re looking for in your city

Why ZIND ?

Applify - App Landing HTML Template

  • A free and easy app that helps you find the products and services you want from all over the city
  • You save time and energy by asking and chatting with Sellers whenever you want and wherever you are
  • Enhance your buying decision; evaluate multiple options and advices from Salespeople to find the best match for your needs
Applify - App Landing HTML Template

  • A free and easy app that helps you boost your sales and highlight your brand & products
  • Communicate directly with customer leads interested in your products categories from all over the city
  • Discover market needs and trends through customer feedback


Find what you are looking for by asking a question

  • Write your question
  • Select the city you are looking in
  • Select the appropriate category your question falls under

Once you find what you’re looking for, press the “Answered” button to help us reward active salespeople

Receive answers from shops that have what you are looking for

  • Choose the seller you want to chat with
  • Start chatting about what you are looking for

Register in ZIND to keep chat history, sync your data across multiple devices and receive special offers

ZIND Seller

  • Fill out your personal information that includes the categories your products are related to
  • Fill out your shop’s information including shop name, shop type & location

Start receiving questions from customers about product or service they are looking for in the category you work in

Start chatting with customers through text, image, voice and location. Show your sales skills, promote your products and close deals

Convince the customer to come and buy what they are looking for from your shop

How to become Verified

Make users trust your Shop and become verified. Verification is a simple process where we make sure that you are a real shop. To become verified, contact us at